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Mandy Smith (that's me) is an aspiring novelist of speculative YA, a full-time college student pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Media Design, and when she has any free time (hah) she also freelances as a web designer/multimedia specialist.

My novel MIRRORPASS is currently out on submission. Yay! If you're an interested agent, please feel free to contact me at: HeaddeskForWriters (at) gmail (dot) com. If you just want to swap some bookish love, you can certainly contact me there, too.

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And finally, things you need to know about me, to really know about me!

  • I have an affinity for old graveyards. That sounds morbid, but I really, really just like the romance of old inscriptions, crumbling lichen, and stained marble.
  • I'm in love with all things vintage, antique, and upscaling. To that end, I collect books older than 1920, antique earrings, typewriters, and vintage dishes. If you've ever trailed through an antique store with an expression of wonder upon your face, we should get along nicely.
  • I sing a lot, out loud, whether I know all the words or not. Sometimes it's 80's ballads, sometimes it's scraps of movie soundtracks. I just love to sing.
  • When it comes to sunny versus rainy, rainy days are my favorite. They are automatically writing days. I've even fantasized about moving to Seattle, just so I'll write more.
  • I prefer YA over adult fiction because YA has, as Anne of Green Gables would put it, "scope for imagination."
  • I'm a country girl at heart. Give me a meadow and a brook and the wind in my hair, grass stains on my jeans, woodsmoke in my lungs...and, well. I'll be happy.
  • Also, give me writing.

Speaking of which, I'm currently, working on SHUTTERBUG MEETS (INVISIBLE) GIRL, a YA magical realism, drafting. You can learn more about this and any other novels on my WIP page.

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