I love it when writers put up summaries of their WIPs, because fresh ideas are just so much fun. Which is why I decided I had to share mine. So here you go: a little info about my current WIPs. Enjoy!

Shutterbug Meets (Invisible) Girl  

Genre: YA magic realism

Status: Drafting

Wordcount: 45,000 / 80,000

Once upon a time in a city, there was a girl named Mirelle, and she may or may not have existed. That was her problem. She could fly through buildings and turn invisible at will, but she couldn't remember her past, could never manage to stay in the present. She had one friend in the world, a little boy named Toby, and in time she forgot even him.

But he never forgot her.

Now Toby is sixteen and on a quest to find the mysterious disappearing girl of his childhood. His only clue? A decades-old cold case with Mirelle's face in it. And that, unfortunately, leads him right to the biggest crime syndicate in the city--the Italian Mafia. Turns out Toby isn't the only one looking for Mirelle. Now he's in a race against time to find his mysterious disappearing girl, before the Mafia ensures she disappears for good.

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YA-SF. Currently on submission.

When Aria falls through a one-way portal called a "Pass" and finds herself on Earth, she discovers her long-lost twin brother may still be alive. This is her chance to rescue Zaire, solve the mystery of the Pass, and bring them both home. But the humans who exploited Zaire in the past are after Aria now. And without the crystal that links Zaire's soul to hers, how is she supposed to save them both in time? Teaming up with an investigative reporter might help--if the report doesn't get her captured first.  

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