Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Grammar Girl

Last week’s entry was pretty long, so this week I’ll do something simple.

Have you ever heard of Grammar Girl? She runs an amazing grammar podcast entitled “Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing.” I heard about Mignon Fogarty (aka Grammar Girl) during a time when I was writing a lesson on editing. I thought, “what the hey. I’ll look it up.”

The podcast was free, which I liked. I downloaded it right off iTunes, so that was nice too. Grammar Girl’s quirky style really cinched the deal.

In each episode Grammar Girl takes tough grammar concepts and simplifies them, without dummying them down. Mnemonics make the lessons easy to remember –you don’t need to listen twice to understand something. Yet she’s thorough.

It’s fun, original, and the greatest part is, it works. You can scroll through the archives although I’m afraid you can’t search by topic. To do that you need iTunes.

- Creative A


Psst: This review was not paid for or sponsored. 




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