Sunday, May 25, 2008

Query Shark

If you’re drafting a query letter or looking for critique on one, check out Query Shark. This is a relatively new site dedicated to critiquing queries. As quoted directly from the site:

You can send a query letter to the Shark.

It might get posted and critiqued.

It might not.

You'll know either way.

You can send a revised query letter after the critique. You MUST include the post number for it to be posted and critiqued as well.

To send work to the shark: email your query letter to janet at fineprintlit dot com

You MUST put Query Shark in the subject line to have it be considered for the blog.

Not all queries will be critiqued.


Query Shark mentions somewhere that she accepts revisions of previous queries. This is a pretty interesting site by someone who doesn’t waste her words. And he cool thing is if you’re too chicken to get your queries torn apart, you can read the other queries that did. Muahahah.


-Creative A


Psst: This review was not paid for or sponsored. 


Anonymous said...

Hey this is Slider10 from absolute write. Just wanted to drop in and say your blog looks pretty cool. By the way, BTTF is my favorite movie ever and.... I even own a delorean.

Be well.


auria cortes said...

Janet Ried is just fab! I enjoy her.

Creative A said...

Hi, and welcome. I thought QueryShark deserved highlighting. The name itself is cool enough.

And aaron, thanks for the compliment :)

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