Sunday, June 8, 2008

For the Procrastinator Among Us

I thought this Sunday we’d do something fun. Here are two writing-related links for you to waste time on, as well as some book giveaways I spotted.

Link the first: Author Versus Character.

This is a wry blog post about an author and it’s character dueling out their different opinions. If you’ve ever felt like your characters are secretly grumbling at you, throwing fits when they don’t like the direction the story is taking…then this is for you. The satire is awesome. 

Link the second: TV Tropes. 

Self-labeled as a being about the tropes of fiction, not the clichés, this site contains humorous articles about, well, tropes. It’s beyond addicting and something you just have to see for yourself.

As for the book giveaways:

Susan Breen hosts a monthly contest/giveaway for her debut novel, “The Fiction Class.” The contest ends by July. Check out the rules here on her website, and here on her blog.

Keri Mikulski is hosting the giveaway of two YA books, “That Summer” by Sarah Dressen and “A Bad Bride’s Tale” by Polly Williams. The contest ends June 30th. The rules are here.


So there you go. Kick back in your sweats, enter some giveaways, play around, and enjoy.


-Creative A


Captain Indy said...

I just want to say what a helpful blog this is and I'll be checking up here more often! I'm a noob at this whole writing professionally type gig (used to write fanfic galore) and there are so many helpful hints and tips here. I'm just past halfway through my first novel.

TV tropes IS addicting. I've lost hours already.

Creative A said...

Thanks, Indy! I'm glad you found the blog helpful. What's your novel about?

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