Saturday, July 19, 2008

Free Workshops (and other cool news)

There’s some pretty cool happenings in the blogosphere right now. 

Miss Snark's First Victim began another “Are you Hooked?" contest, this time involving a Secret Agent that will read the first page of a completed manuscript that readers submit. The agent will then critique and give input on each submission. At the end of the contest, the Secret Agent will choose his/her favorite submission and will award it a Mystery Prize – (representation? I’ve heard some suggest it. Authoress won’t say.)

Now, I do have to apologize because I did not blog about this in time – the submission period is over. Dang. You can still check out all the submissions and read the critiques as they come in. While you may not be a participant, it’s always great to see critiques of other’s works. You get to learn without all the personal angst. And be forewarned: I am now watching the blog, so future contests will be on my radar!


In other news – meaning, you may still participate – the Paperback Writer is initiating their third annual “Left Behind and Lovin’ It Virtual Workshop.”  (see here and here.)

The workshops are FREE, about aspects of writing, and will be held at various blogs from the period of July 28th through August 3rd. The workshop is named in honor of those who cannot attend RWA National conference. Each participating blog will host their own workshop for the designated period. A list of participating blogs will be posted at on July 28th.

This sounds like an amazing opportunity I am definitely going to make use of. I won’t be hosting my own workshop this year. Too busy. But hey, it’s an annual thing, so you never know…

-Creative A

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Anonymous said...

These sound pretty cool. I'm going to have to check them out!

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