Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Over

Yes, it's happened. Nano is finally over. 

For those of you who made Congratulations. Pat yourselves on the back, and for goodness sake, go get some sleep!

For those of you who tried, who fought, yet's okay. You really did fight and that deserves to be recognized. You still rock.

For those of you who had false starts, who resisted the Nano temptations, who were true to whatever projects needed finishing (and who've been wishing I would stop blogging about Nano and would get back to business)...I commend you. I do. One more Nano post and I'll quit. Promise. (Well, maybe two.) 

Great job, everyone. Enjoy your Sunday.

-Creative A


novelist in training said...

I hope this year's NaNo went well for you.

Creative A said...

Thanks :) It didn't go as planned, but I got an incredible amount of work done, and now I think I have a better chance of making it next year.


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