Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stories of Encouragement

So. Here we are, full-throttle in the middle of week 2. If someone ever needed encouragement, it was now. With that in mind, I searched the web for stories of Wrimos clawing their way through November. Here are their links. 

Blogging the experience, live from Rule-TwentyNine and 10-30-Iotaabr. 

Bloggers Starstuff and WCM talk about their continuing Nano experience. Over at Rule-TwentyNine, the entries kick of with a summary of each days experience starting October 30th through November 5th. Other posts such as First Full Saturday, Arduous In-Betweens, and Riding the Wave, continue Starstuff's Nanowrimo saga. Meanwhile, WCM writes a letter to a "horribly pathetic excuse for a protagonist" - am I hearing frustration? - and welcomes everyone to Week 2 doldrums. Both bloggers plan to continue posting new updates across the month, so don't forget to check them out every so often. 

Nano Pep Talks

This is a series of short talks by published authors – Neil Gaimen, Sara Gruen, and Sue Grafton, among others. These authors talk about the tough stuff. Writer’s block. Lack of inspiration. How to push, how to shut out the inner editor, how to write the novel already, dangit! These guys know our pain. And this is their best advice on the subject.


Here’s an interview with Chris Baty himself, Nanowrimo founder, and the reason for all this craziness. Chris talks about the Nanowrimo community and how the experience has affected people. He even offers a tip for week 2! This is a fun, inspiring interview that made me get excited about Nano all over again.


Enjoy reading the stories. To all Wrimos out there, keep up the good work, and I hope the stories give you enough strength to type that next word. Just repeat after me – all I have to do is get to week 3. That’s all. Just. Get. To Week. 3.

See you there. 

-Creative A


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