Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Six Stolen Moments

Ralfast over at Neither Here nor There just tagged me with the “six things that makes you happy” meme. I’ve seen this thing circulating and wondered if I would get bit. Guess I did. Thanks Ralf! (Although, is it just me, or is finding people to tag harder than filling out the meme itself?)

Anywho. This meme works in a couple easy steps:

                  List six things that make you happy.

                  Tag six bloggers, give ‘em a heads up, and link to them.

                  Sate the meme rules in your post.


Before I start, I’ve got to admit that I can be a pretty simple person. I kept trying to think of interesting things that make me happy, but even those were simple: I love writing, I love reading, I try to be both a night owl and a morning bird, sometimes I’m late, sometimes I’m early. Etc, etc. So I thought I would tweak this meme just a little and focus on six particular things that made me happy, instead of giving a broad, general list like usual.

Alrighty. Six things that make me happy:

One – Dunkin Donut’s coffee. This is a tradition I started with my mom a few summers ago. We started going to town almost daily, and on our way through, we’d pick up an iced coffee. One summer we drank Coolattas. The next, Berry Berry iced coffees. Now whenever I pick up a cup of Dunkin, the good memories return.

Two – A couple hours curled up in a soft chair at Barnes&Noble. They’re always playing that eclectic mix of music, and sometimes I just like fingering the books, listening to music, and watching other people read.

Three – Old graveyards. I hope it doesn’t sound twisted, but I just love wandering among the stained marble stones, trying to decipher the corroded enscriptions, imagining the stories of who died, and the loved ones they left behind. There’s sadness, but also a kind of peace. The writer in me loves that feeling.

Four – a day of complete spontaneity. Maybe I’ll take off in the car and cruise around snapping photos, listening to 80’s music, munching on fast food. Maybe I’ll see something different or fascinating or weird. Who knows? That’s what makes it so much fun.

Five – I love collecting things. When I was a kid, I collected everything: stones, bottlecaps, shells, beads, figurines, buttons, nuts, bouncy balls, crayons, plastic dinosaurs…you name it. Now my tastes have shifted some.  But I still love that thrill of finding something so unique, so personalized, that it’s got to full of memories from each previous owner.

Six – Smells. The smell of spring, that first day when the birds sing a chorus in the trees, and you go “oh, it’s spring isn’t it? Wow.” Or the smell of freshly mowed grass, drying roses, a meadow after the rain. A crisp fall morning when the goldenrod is drooping and the wild grapes are spoiling and leaves are fermenting in the sun. Fast food! I love the smell of fast food.

There you go. I hope the list shared something about me you wouldn’t know otherwise (which is the purpose of meme’s, methinks.) Also, I do want to apologize for not posting this Saturday. I meant to, but I went a little crazy packing for a weekend conference, and I just ran out of time. I will still be posting on Wednesday as usual.

Now for the six people I’m passing this meme on to:

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- Creative A


Rachael King said...

Thanks for thinking of me and for visiting my blog. I will try and get around to this. I'm not so good at the tagging others part!

Angela said...

Boy I've been double-tagged on this one. I promise to post 6 things I love as soon as I get a spare posting gap--deal?

I like yours--they really are things that your deeply connected to, not just random things you happen to love. I'll have to think hard on this one.

Rafael said...

Great links and great answers!

Creative A said...

Hey Rachael - I know exactly what you mean! I'm fine with the meme itself, but by the time I get in gear, it seems everyone else I know has been tagged already.

Angela, it's a deal ;) That's got to be fun, getting double tagged. And thank you...at first I was just going to list the normal stuff, and then when I actually got thinking about it, they didn't make me happy as much as the little moments of every day do.

Thank you, Rafael!

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