Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ramblings of the Cranky

I've been a little depressed lately. I think it's finals. I think it's the fact that finals are coming up, but so is the end of my novel, and I have no energy or time to write it, only a gnawing little hunger that makes me cranky. I don't want to write, but I want to have written. You see, I have had two research papers in a row. That is a Very Bad Thing because it sucks the creative juices right out of a person. I didn't realize how bad this was until I started trying to cheer myself up. Normally, I do bloggish things because they tend to make me feel connected with the writing world, and when I feel connected, I fantasize about being published, and fantasizing about being published = happy. It's like a drug. I'm serious. You can get addicted. And then you have withdrawals.

Anyway, one of my favorite bloggish things is to look up exciting new debuts and ask the authors if I can interview them. Then I get that delightful Inbox (1) sign over my gmail, and I get to read the authors responses, and all and all it's a pretty good time. Except I didn't even want to do that.

So now I am officially declaring myself in a muck. I spent all day trying to jar myself out of it. (I've watched movies. Gone to Barnes & Noble and read books. Gone Christmas shopping. Gone home. All of it, FAIL.) It seems what I really want to do is just read other blogs. And so I am going through the many many many blogs I have discovered but never categorized or added to my linklist. In fact, I am completely revamping my linklist. The old one sucks. End of discussion. Sooo, if you've ever wanted to be on my linklist (hah) and would like to exchange links now, this is your chance! Send me an email or something; its in my sidebar. I'd love to exchange links with you.

That announcement is one excuse for posting this mess of ramblings. The other excuse is so that I can claim yes, I do have book reviews coming up, and interview announcements, and I plan to finish the Interview Question series, and in my upcoming Winter Break I expect to do a lot of creative writing and I'm going to squish in some real quality blogging if it kills me.

So there.

And here's a T-shirt from Threadless that makes me laugh literally every time I see it.

And now I am saying good day.




Anonymous said...

Seems I'm not the only one with the non-writing blues. Maybe it's the season?

Creative A said...

Hmm. That is a definite possibility.

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