Saturday, January 23, 2010

Book Review: The Night I Disappeared

When Jamie goes to California with her lawyer mother for an important trial, leaving her best friend Webb behind, Jamie finds herself having vivid daydreams about Webb. At first she thinks that it's just because she misses him. Even though she's made an awesome new friend in California, Jamie feels so lost without Webb.

But when the daydreams start making her blackout, Jamie can't deny that something more is happening to her than missing Webb--it's almost like she's been using Webb to protect herself from something that happened the night she met him nine years ago.

This book was not what I expected, in a good way. So many psychological thrillers loose their sense of real life as they explore the craziness happening to the person. In this story, you get swept up in Jamie's crazy, but the story remains so intricate and real. I particularly liked the conversations with Morgan (the new BFF), because then we get to hear Jamie saying how weird this all is, and how she doesn't understand it, but she's trying. Very realistic.

There were a couple of contrived parts, mostly the conversations with her mom. It was always, "Hey mom, what happened to so-n-so?" And then her mom would answer, "Oh, didn't I tell you this before? I'm sure I did. Let me tell you again." And then she talks for three paragraphs until Jamie goes, "So, then this means..." and her mom explains some more. It was one of those times when one character just keeps asking questions, because the writer wants us to know the answers. So that was a little frustrating.

But overall, the revelations were well placed and not overly dream-like, and Jamie's motivations throughout the story were very believable. Nothing seemed cheesy or overdone. This book's final and strongest point is it's a page turner--you don't realize you've been sucked into it because the action isn't so obvious, but when it's 2AM and you've been saying "one more chapter" for three hours, that means the book is a page-turner. It wasn't mind-blowing--but I couldn't stop once I started.

Great read. 4.5 stars.

-Creative A

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