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2010 Author Interview List

I realized this blog needs an official list of who I'm interviewing and who I plan to interview, so here it is. This is the place I'll be updating whenever I get a new interviewee, so check it out as time goes on to see who's coming up soon! Also, I'll keep old interviews up with links so you can see who's already been interviewed.

In January:

Read my interview with Lisa Schroeder about her newest YA novel in verse, Chasing Brooklyn. This companion novel to her debut, I Heart You, You Haunt Me, tells the story of two teenagers brought together by the death of their mutual friend, and what happens when he begins to haunt them both. This launched Jan 5th.

Read my interview with Jen Nadol about her debut novel, The Mark. This is a YA novel about a teenager who can see an aura--or mark--around someone the day they are going to die. This debuted Jan 19th.

In February:

Read my interview with Amy Brecount-White, who stopped at Headdesk on February 28th as part of her blog tour and scavenger-hunt contest. In Forget Her Nots, Laurel is trying to start afresh at the Avondale School after the death of her mother. But when Laurel discovers she has the ability to change lives using the secret language of flowers, she'll realize that having the power to make people fall in love is almost as dangerous as falling in love herself.

In March:

Read my interview with Lauren Oliver as she talks about Before I Fall. This is a YA debut about a girl who finds herself living the same day over and over again, learning that she has the power to change the lives of those around her...and maybe prevent her own death. This launched on March 2cnd. Lauren Oliver gave away one ARC of her book here on Headdesk.

Read my interview with Teri Hall about her YA debut, The Line, in which a young girl inside a closed society overhears a cry for help in the forbidden, mysterious place beyond known borders. Teri Hall gave away one ARC of The Line in a random draw.

Read my interview with Kimberly Derting as she talks about her debut, The Body Finder. This is a YA paranormal thriller about a girl who has the ability to sense dead bodies, and what happens when a serial killer begins murdering in her town. This comes out on the 16th.

Read my interview with Alexandra Bracken as she talk about her debut novel, Brightly Woven. This is the story of a young girl, the wizard who wins her, and the journey they take through a world of wars and magic.

In April:

Christine Brodien-Jones will speak about the launch of her second YA novel, The Owl Keeper, on April 13th. This is the story of Max, a boy who gets sick in the sun but has come to fear the night, and his journey to find the silver owls that can save his world from darkness. Chris is giving away a prize pack that includes one Owl Keeper ARC and some awesome swag. More details to come in April.

Leah Cypess will answer some questions about her debut YA novel, Mistwood, on April 27th. Mistwood is the story of Isabel. She's been told that she's The Shifter, an immortal creature who comes to aid the kings of Samorna in their times of greatest need. And the young king needs her now. But how can Isabel protect him when she doesn't even remember her own past?

In May:

Joelle Anthony stops in to answer questions about Restoring Harmony. This is a post-apocalypse novel about a teenager girl who sets off on a dangerous cross-continent journey after her grandfather. This debuts May 13.

On the 19th, Tera Lynn Childs talks about Forgive My Fins, a mermaid story about what happens when a mermaid princess falls in love with a human boy.

Kristina McBride talks about her debut novel, The Tension of Opposites, on May 25th. Since the kidnapping of her best friend two years ago, Tessa's life has been in limbo. How could she go on living like nothing had happened, when Noelle's whole life was gone? It changed everything. And then when Tessa gets the news that Noelle has been found, everything will change again.

In June:

Heidi R. Kling talks about her debut Sea, the story of a teenage girl who travels to Indonesia after a tsunami, falling for an orphan there while learning about her mother's death years before. This debuts June 10th.

The awesome Cyn Balog answers some questions about her new novel, Sleepless. This is the story of a Sandman who lures people to sleep, the girl he becomes to attached with, and what happens when he's no longer able to protect her. This comes out on the 13th.

Would you like to be on this list? If you have a novel coming out soon, or just recently launched, and are interested in being interviewed, send me a line at: HeaddeskForWriters AT gmail DOT com

Truly and always,
-Creative A

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