Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mid-week Writer Blues

I have some fun blogging stuff planned for later this week, such as my second book review from that recent Barnes&Noble trip, and also a post revolving around a Donald Maass quote that I think is really interesting. Problem is that I've got a momentary case of the mid-week blues.

I haven't been motivated to do much editing, which is okay because I need to brainstorm anyway, but I always feel a bit mopey and unfulfilled when I'm not working. Also, I really want some fiction to munch on, but I need to wait for the weekend before trundling out to buy some. Plus I burnt my tongue on scalding tea and everything tastes funny. Thus! Feeling the blues.

My cure for this is always to go out and dig up some fun writing stuff online. Today the stuff is so good, I thought I'd share it.

First here's a link to Jim C. Hines fiction survey results. He basically asked a bunch of authors what they did in order to sell their first novels. From these results, he helps debunk a bunch of interesting publishing prepositions--like "You have to know somebody to get a book deal" and "you've got to publish short stories before even thinking about a novel!" His analysis is great, mixed with just enough humor to make the statistics interesting. Also, not going to lie, it was a relief to see some of these debunked by cold facts.

And to finish it off, here's a little satire video entitled "The Best Book Ever" that had me laughing. Thanks, Nathan Bransford! (and because certain browsers will cut the screen off, here's the original Youtube page)


dorkvader said...

Lol, I loved that video!
And I'm sorry you've got the blues. They came and followed me around today to :(
Here's to a better day tomorrow!

Creative A said...

Thanks for the comment :) The blues are mostly gone, so that's good. I'm holding out for some sunsine after this rain. Hopefully, you get some too?


Jen said...

Love this video!!! I hope that your day ended up getting better and you weren't so blue! I hate when that happens!

Creative A said...

Hey Jen! Isn't the video great? I cracked up when I first saw it.

And yes, thank you: the following day was much better. The blues have been banished.

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