Tuesday, March 29, 2011

6-AM Challenge -- Tuesday, Week 1

What's the 6-AM Editing Challenge? You can read the backstory here, but in a nutshell, it's me getting up at 6-AM every morning and writing, in an attempt to finish edits on my novel, MIRRORPASS, by this summer. Read about my novel on the WIP page.



Write (or at least start writing) the beginning scene of chapter 18. Although I didn't get any real writing-related work done yesterday, I had one good brainstorming session about the issues in chapter 18 that were still bugging me. I came up with one good solution, that ties in some other new shifts in plotting I've done. So in sum? Write the merger scene involving about three other conversations I'm cutting, and really clarify the feasibility by bringing in this new plot thread.

I WAS UP BY -- 6:10


TIME LIMITATIONS -- Today is a work day and I have to leave at 8:15! This is the scary part of the challenge; what if I get into the flow, and then I have to leave? We'll see.


7:14 -- Open all related documents, skim through for information that will need to be included and information I want to avoid repeating. Re-read Stickys with brainstorm notes.

7:28 -- Open word doc for new scene & chapter. Started writing pretty fast, making good progress, and I like the opening direction this has.

...[was too busy writing to take notes. Just imagine lots of frenzied typing here.]

8:15 -- The alarm went off. I did manage to stop writing, which I was proud of, but I was also a bit bummed at how short an hour seemed.


Wrote 500 words of Chapter 18, scene 1. This is definitely a start, although I didn't get as far into it as I'd (wishfully) hoped. And I've been brainstorming about the scene all day, so I'm eager to dive back into it tomorrow morning.


My new material is pretty solid. However I'm realizing that work days won't give me much time and I should expect smaller progresses. Also realizing I need to remember this is a cumulative process--if by the end of the week I'm done with even one chapter, that will be an accomplishment.

Also, during my brainstorming throughout the day, I realized I could cut two small secondary-POV scene. One is pretty but adds little to the story. Another is important foreshadowing, but it happens early on, and I realized it's me tipping the cards too soon. Now I have to figure out where exactly it should go. So I'm adding this to the goals list.

How has everyone else's goals gone so far this week?

Truly and always,

-Creative A

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