Friday, June 3, 2011

Beautiful YA Book Covers

I'm a really visual person in the sense that I absolutely judge a book by it's cover. A stunning cover will keep drawing me back to a book, seducing it's way onto my to be read pile, even if I'm really not that interested in the premise. If the cover is bad? I can barely make myself pick up the book. Even if the premise rocks. Even if the story is right up my alley.

I love a good cover.

Perhaps there's a trend going on, but I've noticed a lot of fresh, truly amazing covers in the YA market last year and this year as well. People are doing neat things with typography and using lots more color. So in the pursuit of filling the creative well with something both beautiful and inspiring, here you go--a whole post (maybe more to come?) dedicated just to photos. Tell me these aren't gorgeous.

First, some amazing things with typography.

Has a vintage, old-photograph feel, no?

Awesome effect. No clue what the meaning is, however.

There exists an earlier, darker version of this cover which I like a little better, but this one fits the angel/demon theme a bit more. Thoughts? I like the icy text.

I wasn't sure about this one, at first. Font too pale. Not sure what they're trying to show us, given the premise, which you can check out at the above link. But it won me over; the colors are so rich and subtle, and the font has an elegance.

And with Mara Dyer, we segue into the interesting water theme I've been seeing...

Meh font, everything else is stunning. There's a deceptive peace.

This, I could stare at all day. I love how it looks like she's leaping through her reflection; love the red ribbon, hair motion, her dress. There's a sense of abandonment to freedom--and yet, you have to wonder if she's drowning, and so there's a nice tension.

Just doing this post, I've realized there's far too many covers to share at once. So. More cover envy to come.

-Creative A

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