Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Facing the Changes

For the most part, I've kept pretty quiet on this blog about my personal identity. One reason for that is I know a lot about computers and how the web works--it's enough to make the most casual person a bit paranoid. The other reason was, I wanted to focus on creating a blog about the craft of writing, not me.

But a lot of things are changing. I am:

-Getting ready to pursue a writing career
-Better at finding a balanced blogging method
-Going a step further with college education (multimedia this time)
-Moving out of state

And finally, I'm ready. To start developing a writing platform. To bring focus back to the blog. To engage in the other things like multimedia, web design, video, photography, and music that until now I've just played with.


Ahem. Just had to get that out. So, getting back to the blog here, what does that mean for you guys? In the next couple months I will be:

- Redesigning the visual look of the blog
- Adding pages for my published works
- Revamping the linklists and labels
- Updating the WIP page

It may also include:

- Blogging more often about my writing experiences and the craft of fiction
- Including excerpts of my writing
- Adding pages for video, multimedia, and/or web design
- Providing more accurate bio info
- Hosting contests(!)

Come on, you were excited about the last one, right? Either way, now you've been warned--expect changes.

Truly and always (and personally very excited,)
-Creative A

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