Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Wiplash

Christmas comes but once a year
Now it's here, now it's here!
Christmas comes but once a year
Fa la la la la!

I was just watching a commercial for Target, where the instant a woman says goodbye to her family after Thanksgiving dinner and closes the door, her house explodes with all things Christmasy.

That has been me.

I expected to blog less during November (since I was supposed to be doing Mandywrimo--results to come) but somehow, without my informed consent, that turned into December blog break as well. And I thought to myself, How did this happen? Do I want this to happen? Should I maybe take the whole month off?

Your laziness has been rejected
Cue the buzzer sound.

Throw in a demotivational poster about laziness in for good measure, and here I am! This is me vowing to get back on track. I had a whole backlog of post ideas, and I was getting pretty organized (maybe you remember?) so I intend to jump back in where I left off, and try and wrap up December with a bit of dignity.

Who else is suffering from holiday whiplash?

Truly and always,
-Creative A


Laura Barnes said...

I agree. I need to take the whole month of December off. Then January to recover. And February because it's cold. And March because of Spring Break...

I guess life never slows down, does it?

Creative A said...

No, it doesn't! I keep telling myself I need to learn how to live life now--because while it fluctuates, it's never really going to change. I need to figure out how to make the important things work now, or I'll never figure it out.


Anonymous Me said...

Hellooooooo...guess how I found this blog? I was looking up "The Girl who could fly sequel" on Google and I saw one of your older posts (I replied to that too).
Anyways, yeah, writing is a PAIN in the freakin' NECK.
I'm trying to write a little every day. And listen to some music.

Creative A said...

Hey AM. Got both comments! Thank you. How's writing every day been going for you? I've been trying to treat this like a part time job, and that seems to be helping me immensely.


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