Friday, February 10, 2012

Have a Little Music

Some of you very perceptive followers may have noticed I didn't post this past week, like I'm supposed to. Or maybe not. Maybe I just outed myself.

Well, either way, I'm sure you'll be delighted to know that I actually had a few posts planned, and I had a whole day cleared out for it, and everything. Then something wonderful and amazing happened. I had a Creative Explosion. I suddenly, abruptly, at 9:20 at night, had torrents of words spilling out of me, and, well...

I never did get around to writing your post.

But I made a ton of progress in Shutterbug Meets (Invisible) Girl. As in, record-making progress. And I'm happy, and I want you all to be happy, too.

So here are some songs that make me happy. (I know I totally just cheated there. Let's both pretend we didn't notice. Maybe I'll distract you by saying that these songs have been my soundtrack for Shutterbug Meets (Invisible) Girl.)

I feel like this song was made for coffeeshop writers. Who doesn't go to a coffeeshop, and dream, and think about about the people they see there?

Just heard this for the first time recently. Love the chorus!

This is my current anthem for Adelle, the heroine of Shutterbug Meets (Invisible) Girl, but also a completely cute song.

Absolutely love this one. The lyrics are gorgeous and stunning, and it's part of what inspired me to include a male POV in Shutterbug. The intensity is itself heartbreaking.

Truly and always,
-Creative A

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