Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mothership: Featured Book Trailer #2

Hey guys, and belated happy labor day! Was a bit too busy running around to actually blog about it, but I celebrated by running down to the B&N and catching up on the last Maggie Stiefvater book I've left unread (Ballad) before The Raven Boys comes out. And then I worked on the short story for this month's challenge. (Short stories are my new love right now, but more on that in another post.)

Today I'm just popping in briefly to share this fantastic and hilarious book trailer for Mothership, the first book in a new trilogy by authors

It's obvious this trailer was created by the publishers, but most of the elements that made it so great were simple and easy to replicate. Lots of subtle sound effects to induce comedy. Photographs of four characters. The cartoon effect could be replicated with some basic knowledge of Photoshop.

I'd guess the more complicated effects--like coloring the cartoons in real time--were created with a motion graphics program like Adobe After Effects. That's admittedly a bit trickier. Thing is, you don't need After Effects to get that real-time coloring look. You could simply film yourself coloring it in real time, or take pictures between coloring steps, and get the same effect.

Food for thought!

Truly and always,
-Creative A

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