Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Belated Christmas!

I'm sitting here in the tidy, quiet hometown library, wearing snowboots because there are four inches of snow outside, and the promise of more. Finals are well over. We just had Christmas. New Years is only a few days away. I'm ridiculously happy to be home with my family during all these crazy, wonderful, mad mad holidays.

Speaking of madness. I cite my last post:

And now it is December, I have a novel on submission; I'm drafting a new novel that I told myself I could complete in 2012...I miss my family and I went to spend break with them, cooking exotic recipes I found on Pinterest, reading books together, going to see The Hobbit in theater, reconnecting with a cross-country besty, and oh yeah, shooting a short film my sister and I have been brainstorming together.
See that line? That sneaky little line there about the short film thingy?

Well, after writing my last post, I did a lot of thinking and praying. And I decided to jump. But not in the direction I'd been quite expecting. Rather than dive into launching Secret Web Project, I realized I had this opportunity to work on Secret Vintage Murder Mystery Film Project--but only if I did it right now--during Christmas break.

I had about three seconds to make this decision, guys.

But I decided. I jumped. And the last two weeks have been a delightful frenzy of brainstorming, scriptwriting*, location-scouting, prop-shopping, plus recruiting friends and family to act as members of the cast. I'm getting anxious to start the actual FILMING so this stops feeling like I made it all up and starts feeling real, but otherwise, it's going wonderfully.

My only problem is what do to about Secret Web Project. Because I know I want to launch that. (Who knew jumping was so addictive?) And I know I'm almost ready. But really, I would be lying if I said I could launch it next week. I need a few weeks. Which means it won't happen until January.

So I'm still fiddling with the details--to be honest, my brain is all, "Secret Film Project!" right now, and I have about zero mental juices left for Secret Web Project--but sometime in mid to late January is the game plan. January is a good month for new things, I think. Until then, I have a few posts planned, but I expect the blog will be a bit quiet.

Okay? Okay. I'm off to pick up some cast members for a script for a costuming/script rehearsal/hair & makeup party. Enjoy the rest of your holidays, and Happy New Year!

Truly and always,
-Creative A

*I have always been attracted to the idea of scriptwriting, but I always felt, I don't know--intimidated? Too focused on fiction to invest in scriptwriting? Afraid it would mess with my fiction skills? Afraid I'd suck? So anyway, scriptwriting is completely new to me. I had to Google "Scriptwriting syntax." (You know things are bad when you have to Google the syntax of a thing.) But once I got the gist of the syntax, I realized it just wasn't that different. Story is story, you know? I'm really enjoying myself. It's like someone told me, "hey, you like knitting? Have you every tried to crochet? They're very similar."

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