Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cindy Pon's Book Release Contest

I recently interviewed Cindy Pon about her debut novel, Silver Phoenix. To celebrate the release, Cindy is holding a really awesome contest. You try to collect "tickets" by giving her exposure - posting reviews of her book, linking to her book trailer, etc. (It's a bit more complicated than that, and I'll post the official rules below.) The prize includes a signed copy of Cindy's book - and a $100 dollar giftcard to any bookstore of your choice. That officially makes it the best prize ever. Am I right?  

So anyway, here's my entry (contribution?) to the contest. You see I posted a JPG of the book cover at the beginning of this post. In addition to that, I want to share Cindy's book trailer with you. I'm not usually a fan of these trailers - they tend to be slow paced and childish - but this trailer was amazing. It gave me chills. Seriously. 

Like I said, totally awesome, right? 

In case you'd like to know more about the contest and how to participate yourself, I've included a direct copy of Cindy's original post below:

i can hardly believe it. 
my debut is making its way out in the world 
finally–after months of rough drafting, fighting 
my own fear and immobility, revising for over a 
year with the help of my wonderful critique friends, 
querying too many agents and receiving too many 
rejections, selling the manuscript last may and learning 
so much from my revisions with my editor, virginia. 
SILVER PHOENIX is released and has already been 
sighted in bookstores and recieved from online vendors! 

and in celebration, i’m holding a contest and giving 
away some awesome prizes. namely, an original framed 
brushpainting. if you have not seen my art, please click 
over to the chinese brush art link to your left. i can’t 
say for certain which painting it will be, but a flower subject 
or bamboo or cute critter / bird is very likely. i’m in the 
midst of some art events so anything i 
have on hand may sell. i price my framed paintings from 
$200 to $400. along with a signed copy of my novel. 

then i got to thinking. i realize i have some admirers 
of my art, but it’s really rather presumptuous to assume 
that everyone would be interested in that as a prize. so 
another possible prize for the winner is a $100 gift card 
to a book store of your choice. also offered with a signed 
copy of my novel. 

depending on how many participants there are–i may 
give away more than one painting / gift card prize!! 
so of course, in my bid for shameless self-promotion to 
help my debut become the little asian fantasy novel that could, 
i’m asking you to help spread the word! 

there are many ways to earn a “raffle” ticket. you can 
do part or all of these listed. 

-post the cover of SILVER PHOENIX on your blog 
and link back to this contest. please mention 
the prizes!! [1 raffle!:] 

-post my awesome trailer by madison on your blog 
and link back to this contest. please mention the 
prizes!! [2 raffles!:]

-read SILVER PHOENIX and post a review on your blog. [3 raffles!:] 

-read SILVER PHOENIX and post a review on amazon,, borders, or any other site that sells books. [3 raffles!:] 

-read SILVER PHOENIX and post a review on goodreads, 
librarything or any other forum that holds book discussions. [3 raffles!:] 

reviews should be honest, and at least 60 words long. that’s 
really just a few sentences! 

and as i said, you can do just ONE of these things listed above 
or all of them, depending on how many raffles you’d like. 
i will ship prizes galactically! and am looking forward to new 
alien avvys from new commenters. =DD 
contest will run through MONDAY, JUNE 8th! please leave 
comments with links for me to verify the above for your raffles! 

so my lovely readers, you who have supported and encouraged 
me and been so kind these past three years. so many of you who 
have witnessed my journey from the very beginning, THANK YOU! 
i honestly would not have made it this far without you guys!! 
my debut takes flight today and i’m hoping to watch her soar. =)

Good luck to anyone else who enters!

-Creative A

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