Wednesday, June 10, 2009

News and Interviews

There’s a few things I didn’t get the chance to talk about in my last post. First off, more interviews! I’m currently talking to a few authors, and four have already agreed to appear here on Headdesk. Those four authors are, in no particular order:


Carol Ayer. Her novella Storybook Love is being released June 16th, and if all goes well, her interview will be up on the same day. Carol Ayer is the wonderful lady who told me my article had been published – lets give her a clap out, or better yet, comment on her interview when it comes!

Next is Sarah Ockler. Her novel Twenty Boy Summer debuted June 1rst. Don't you just love the cover art? Hopefully, we can get the interview posted sometime this month.

Danielle Laurens is the debut author of Shrinking Violet. The release was only a few days ago, and I'm excited to get Danielle over here for an interview. 

Finally we have Jennifer Laurens, who’s book Heavenly is coming out this August. Not sure when this one will be up due to the release date, but it's definitely one to look forward to.  


Those are just the authors who’ve responded. I’ve still got at least…let me count…four or five more who have yet to reply back. The authors I interview have always been extremely cooperative, and for a long time I’ve wanted to find another way to support them. So now if you’ll just look over at my sidebar, you should find a widget displaying the books of authors I’ve interviewed. If you enjoy their interview, give them the courtesy of checking out their books! (One note. I’ll try my best, but some authors I interview are published by small presses, and I may not be able to list their book if I can't find it on Amazon or Goodreads.)

You should also notice a second widget displaying a rotation of books by the 2009 Debutantes. This is part of their incredibly simple contest that goes like so: you post the rotating-book widget somewhere prominent on your blog, myspace, whatever. You then post your link in the comment section of this post. Contest ends June 22, and then the debutantes randomly select three of the entrants as prizewinners. And the prize packages are incredible! Each package has around nine signed books by the debutanes, plus cash gifts and giftcards to stores like iTunes and Starbucks. The only catch is that you must keep your widget up until the end of ‘09. 

You can see that I entered. I highly suggest that if you enjoy reading YA, you scurry over and enter yourself. Official rules here, widget here.

We all know that getting an agent is tough enough, but once we have an agent, it doesn't get any easier. The submission process is tough - and my good friend Chandler Craig is starting an agented support group on her blog Fumbling With Fiction. (scroll to the bottom of the post.) Here's a description: 

I’ll post a series of guest blogs of agented writers who have yet to land their first book deal and published authors who took a longer time to make that first sale. The series will deal with a variety of issues including how to stay motivated, what to work on, and tips on not going insane.

Chandler is a blast, and I'm sure her group is going to be both fun and educational. I highly suggest you check this out if you and your agent are struggling through submissions. 

Finally, some hard evidence that books covers effect sales. Jennifer Laurens has a fascinating post up on her blog about the process of creating a book cover and how changing her book cover has directly impacted her sales. Big time. I’m not surprised one bit, because I always judge a book by it’s cover. (Is it the artist in me, or am I just shallow?) There have been good books I put down because I couldn’t get over the cheesy packaging. There have been books I kept putting down from content, but gave extra chances because it kept drawing my eyes. Anyway, It’s a cool, fun post and I suggest you check it out.

That’s all for today. Don’t forget about the upcoming interviews, and sometime soon I’ll list the names of everyone published in the final issue of ByLine Magazine.  

Truly and always,

-Creative A 

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