Tuesday, October 13, 2009

News and Interviews and Gushing

Hey gang! I’ve been quite busy, lately, but I’ve got all sorts of news for you.

First off, news in the blogosphere – Agent Nathan Bransford is currently conducting a WIP first paragraph contest on his blog. As he so casually reminded us, winners and finalists of his past contests are all his clients, or to-be-published. Yeah. This is one of those opportunities you just don’t want to miss. The deadline is this Thursday at 4pm Pacific Time. The prizes include various copies/giftpacks of "The Secret Year" by Jennifer Hubbard, and various phone/query critiques, based on whether you're a finalist or the winner. Have any of you guys entered? I did. Now here's a coffee table question - do you think you will win, and why/not? Discuss.

What's happening on the Headdesk? -

I finally got around to reviewing Cindy Pon's "Silver Phoenix." That will be up later this week.

On the 27th, Kristina Springer will be dropping in to answer some questions about her debut novel, The Espressologist. It's a book about coffee and matchmaking. Who can resist?

Next month is November. And you all know what that means - Nanowrimo! I plan on doing weekly post about the different stages of Nanowrimo. Also, I'm considering starting a Non-Wrimo support group. More information about that in following posts.

On February 12 (2010,) I'll be interviewing Teri Hall about her debut The Line. And guess what? There's a giveaway. Keep that in mind as February comes around, and I'll have more information as the day gets closer.

Also, I've contacted a bunch of authors about interviews for early spring/summer 2010, and many of them have agreed. I'll be listing them as I get more concrete dates and info. So once again, keep an eye out for that.

News about books - I don't have any, except I may actually turn into a raving book blogger after all. Because guess what happened last night? I was at my local Barnes&Noble when, at the ends of the YA aisle, I ran straight into two beautiful glossy copies of Shiver and The Everafter. I was so happy that I giggled aloud.

I heard about Shiver since before it was slotted for publication, and I am finally, finally, finally getting a chance to read it. And it's awesome. The Everafter is brand new to me, but as you can see, I just interviewed the author and am pumped to read it. *Happy sigh*

Personal news - I do have two very small pieces of personal news. One, Mirrorpass is about to tip over the halfway point. Which is incredible to think about. Second small piece of news: I just submitted a flash to Flash Fiction Online. Yes, I know, aiming high. However I got some nibbles last time I submitted this, so I thought it couldn't hurt. They respond in 4-6 weeks. Now all I have to do is...wait.

Cool. Anything else?

No. Just that I'm obviously gushy and need to stop writing now.

Have a good week, everybody, and hopefully I'll be seeing you around the blogosphere.

Truly and always,

-Creative A

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Angela said...

I can't wait to read Cindy Pon's book. I've had a lot of trouble finding it in Canada tho--I think I'm going to break down and do the Amazon thing. (I have shopping online).

I'm going to nano too! Luck to both of us!!

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