Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Events of March

I'm wondering if this is going to become a new *Headdesk* feature. Seems like so much has been happening lately on the blog that I need a whole post to announce it all. Got to admit I'm a little behind on some of this. Lets see how much cool we can pack into today's post!

First off in announcements, I've arranged for four more seriously interview-worthy authors to come talk about their debut books.

On April 13th: Christine Brodien-Jones will speak about the launch of her second YA novel, The Owl Keeper. This is the story of Max, a boy who gets sick in the sun but has come to fear the night, and his journey to find the silver owls that can save his world from darkness.

I'm really excited about this one because I have an Owl Keeper ARC and some truly neat swag for giveaway! More details to come in April.

On April 27th: Leah Cypess will answer some questions about her debut YA novel, Mistwood. They tell Isabel that she's The Shifter, an immortal creature who comes to aid the kings of Samorna in their times of greatest need. And the young king needs her now. But how can Isabel protect him when she doesn't even remember her own past?

On May 25th: Kristin McBride talks about her debut novel, The Tension of Opposites. since the kidnapping of her best friend two years ago, Tessa's life has been in limbo. How could she go on living like nothing had happened, when Noelle's whole life was gone? It changed everything. And then when Tessa gets the news that Noelle has been found, everything will change again.

Make sure to check out the complete Interview Listing for the rest of this year's interviews.

Second announcement of the day: Dorkvader over at The Dork Side just gave me a pretty hilarious blog award as seen below. Dorkvader and I only got acquainted recently, but she's a writer, a student, and I can already tell she's a great gal. Plus she makes me *snortlaugh* about every five seconds, so yeah. She's great! Check out her blog, and she'll probably make you *snortlaugh* too.

The rules of this award are: First, to list 6 things I'm the master of, and second, to pass this award on to 6 people who are masters of friendship. In an effort to branch out and spread the love, I'm going to be a brat and include other kinds of "masters" in my nominations. So in no particular order, here are six bloggers who are masters at what they do.

Three Masters at Friendship:

1 Naomi Rees

2 Chandler Craig

3 Kristen Joy Rice

Master Blogger:

4) Regan Leigh

Master Marketer:

5) Shelli

Master Artist:

6) Sophistikate

Enjoy the award, you guys! To round it all off, here are six things I'm personally a master of:

1) Saying strange things, loudly, in public. "Hey, is the word 'effulgently' real, or did I make it up? Hey, look at that lady. She's mismatched her socks!"

2) Utilizing the color teal. Guess what color my favorite shirt is? Teal. My favorite eyeshadow? Teal. My lampshades? Yup: they're teal.

3) Hunching over my laptop in bad lighting, typing away until wee hours of the morning. I'm so good at this, I give myself back pains. Maybe it's time to invest in an ergonomic chair?

4) Chewing gum. In one week, I can single-handedly use up an entire three-pack of Spearmint Orbit gum. Don't even ask how much I use up when I'm writing. It's scary.

5) Getting songs stuck in my head, singing them aloud, and getting most of the words wrong.

6) Chasing birds. Ever since I was a little kid, I was obsessed with chasing and catching birds. You wouldn't believe how good I've gotten at it. My most epic fail, however, was when my family went on a vacation in Maine and went to the beach at low tide, when you could walk for miles in the ankle-deep water.

A flock of geese were hanging out on a sandbar. Guess what I decided to do? Chase one of the geese. It cooly kept me about three yards away as we ran in endless circles around the flock. My family has not stopped laughing about that one.

Looking forward to everyone else's six items of mastery!

Truly and always,
-Creative A


Jen said...

Mistwood and The tension of opposites sound really good!!! Thanks I'll put them on my list for upcoming novels!

Anonymous said...

Oooh :) Thanks for the award.

I like your post. I havent heard of any of the above books, but they sound intriguing. I'll be back...

Lol @ utilising the colour teal :) I love it

x Naomi

Tahereh said...

hehe great post -- great heads up about the books!

thanks for sharing!

Kirsten said...

Ooh thanks for the award :) I'm excited to hear about these books, too!

Creative A said...

Haha, thanks for all the comments guys! Can you tell I'm pumped about these books myself?

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