Monday, January 7, 2013

In Which I Get Back to Business (with rambling)

Hey everyone! This post is going to be a bit random, so bear with me. Mostly I am excited to be back in Delaware now that all the holidays are over. This means I'm done (for now*) with Secret Film Project and I can start work on Secret Web Project again.

I was afraid if I talked about Secret Web Project too much that it might make me feel forced and panicky, but interesting enough, it's done just the opposite. The more I think about it the more I'm dying to start blogging on the shiny new platform. Which, hmm. Good. Motivation is good. So while I spend this week hashing out remaining class-scheduling-issues, I also plan to make some headway on those final essential tweaks to Secret Web Project.

My laptop is making *snortlaugh* faces at me, but whatever.

Meanwhile! In other news! Alexandra Bracken just kicked off her Darkest Minds blog tour over at the official Skip Kids fansite, and there's a sort of author promo vid there that's worth checking out.

I know I've been talking about Bracken a lot on the blog lately, but I have a good reason. The good reason is that I'm on the Darkest Minds blog tour too! A while back I screwed up the courage to email Bracken** and explain I was a fan of her books, and I'd love to help her promote them if I could. I'm so glad I did, because on January 17th the tour will stop on my blog, and I'll get to share an interview with the editor for Darkest Minds, Emily Meerhan, in which I ask her lots of questions about TDM and editing and acquisitions.

I'm excited. You should check it out. You know, on January 17th.

There. Plugs all done! I'm off to make more coffee and ship myself off to College By the Sea for a day of schedule-hashing and Secret Web Project tweaks. Stay sane, friends!

Truly and always,
-Creative A

*Funny story. Might tell you guys sometime. (Let's just say that an epic snowstorm combined with a two-week battle with the flu ensured that Secret Film Project still needs some work.)

**Which is silly, because I've already interviewed her once when she was a debut author and Brightly Woven was coming out. But now there's all this buzz and she's popular and everything, so of course I get nervous.

***I really need to stop reading Robin McKinley's blog. She always makes me want to use footnotes. Nobody does footnotes as good as Robin McKinley.


Chandler said...

So excited to see Super Sekrit Web Project come to life. You've got me in suspense!!

Creative A said...

I feel rather evilly like rubbing my hands and saying "muahaha" in response to this. I'll have to make sure it's even more awesome and worthy of your suspense!


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